Feature Preview: MIDI Mapping

This feature will be available in the next beta. This is especially helpful for multi-file projects where you’d otherwise have to manually keep your mappings up to date in every project file.

This also allows you to map a single MIDI note to multiple OSC commands for extended flexibility.

Let me know what you think, how would you use this?

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This is awesome!
Would there be a way of toggling the loop on/off using a single MIDI command?

This feature is Awesome!

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This looks like groundwork being laid :boom: :grin:AbleSet as “All-in-One” Controller

Beautifully implemented as well. I love the mapping MIDI commands to OSC strings. Currently I am using Gig Performer to send custom OSC commands to AbleSet, but it requires some custom coding using their GPScript language. Being able to send simple MIDI commands and then having AbleSet parse those into OSC is a great idea!


That’s a good idea! I’ll add a loop toggle command :+1:

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Will this change the current requirement of needing Suite or Max for Live in order to control Ableset with a Midi Controller pedal?

I believe he addressed that in the video; adding this feature to allow for less expensive versions of Ableton to leverage AbleSet midi control.

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Mrdrennan - he absolutely did. Duh! How did I miss that?? Obviously not paying attention. Thanks! That is great news. I was getting ready to upgrade to Suite just to get that ability.


Play/Stop toggle would be good too!

That’s already implemented, as well as a Play/Pause toggle :slight_smile:

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You first “previewed” this feature exactly 1 month ago. I’m very anxious to try it, and would need to know the “how-to” as far as configuring the midi pedal to control AbleSet actions. Any update as to when the feature may actually be available (Beta?) and when there might be instructions for configuring the midi controller?

It’s already available in the latest betas.

Thanks, Mike. How does one install this Beta?
And instructions for configuring midi pedal??

Configuring your midi hardware is dependent on the manufacturer. However, in the preview video at the top of this thread, Leo demonstrates how to map and learn commands from any midi controller that is connected to your system.

There should be a beta section on the forum. If you are unable to see it, you might want to reach out to Leo directly. I’m not sure if the betas are available to all or just those granted permission.

Hey all,

This feature is already available in the latest version of AbleSet: AbleSet 2.4.0

You should be able to update from within the app, or by downloading the latest version from the AbleSet homepage.

You can configure the MIDI mapping by clicking on “Edit MIDI Mapping” on AbleSet‘s settings page.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I’m on 2.4.1, and I found the “Edit MIDI Mapping” option. However, it brings up “LoopBe Internal MIDI”, and sits on a message “Waiting for MIDI Input…”
Is the Windows Internal MIDI going to be a problem?

I don’t think that should be a problem. If AbleSet doesn’t list any other connected MIDI devices, could you send me a log package so I can inspect this?

If it does show other connected MIDI devices, you can click on “Add New Mapping” and then press the button you’d like to map to a function in AbleSet. “Waiting for MIDI Input…” means that AbleSet is waiting for you to press a button on the MIDI device.

I hope this helps!

This feature looks great. Could I use Custom OSC also to control external hardware such as RME Fireface or Behringer X32?
It would require maybe different port configuration as RME is usually using 9001 as input if I am not wrong.
For full flexibilty, the host and port could be configured for every OSC command? Or Devices could be configured in OSC setup and referred for each command…
I would like to use the OSC mapping to automatically start USB Recording (RME: Durec) on my interface at song start and stop it at song end. In live Situation I always forget the records and my band mates hate me for that :rofl:
Within Ableton it may be possible also with Connection Kit using OSC Send but again, using Multifile project and maintain it is a mess.
I also face the issue in Ableton that TouchOSC device needs to be relearned after startup of live set, so I don’t trust the connection kit devices.

This is currently not possible, but it shouldn’t be too hard to implement. I could imagine a syntax like <IP>:<port>/osc/command parameters, so you can string multiple commands to multiple destinations together for one MIDI input. For example, to trigger a recording on your RME interface and start playback in AbleSet:; /global/play

Does that sound good to you?

Defining OSC servers outside of those commands sounds like a good idea as well, though it might take a bit more time to implement that.

This proposal sounds perfekt, easy to understand and to adapt😎. Exactly this command I noted down already^^.
Some enable checkbox might be helpful if you configure a bunch of mappings but want not all to be effective without deletion.