AbleSet 2.4.0

  • Added support for images in lyrics (docs)
  • Added support for custom MIDI mapping (docs)
  • Added support for tags, allowing you to filter your songs by them (docs)
  • Added a settings page to control AbleSet settings from the browser
  • Added the ability to jump to sections by clicking on them in the progress bar
  • Added a section progress bar to the performance view
  • Added an option to automatically start Live when AbleSet starts
    • This opens Live with the last project file you were using while AbleSet was running
  • Added a debug page that lists all connected browsers and the connection quality
  • Added custom class names to the “next song” line in lyrics
  • The performance view now shows the queued song or section in the “next song” area
  • Added /global/playPause and /global/playStop OSC commands to toggle playback
  • Added /setlist/toggleLoop OSC command to toggle the loop bracket
  • Added the ability to toggle settings via OSC
  • Added a global ableset object that custom scripts can access (docs)
  • Added a [top] attribute for lyrics tracks which aligns the current line to the top of the window
  • Added support for using the +PAUSE flag on song markers, which pauses playback when the playhead reaches it
  • Added support for LioBox’s ignored cue format, so cues starting with () are now ignored by AbleSet as well
  • Made the web app menu smaller on mobile devices
  • Improved the scrolling reliability in lyrics
  • Improved the icon on the “next section” tag
  • Improved the performance and stability of the AbleSet Controller Max for Live device
  • Improved the web app’s performance and stability on unstable networks, e.g. WiFi
  • Fixed jumping back to the song start not working in safe mode
  • Fixed songs sometimes being inserted at the wrong position when using the “Add Song” dialog while not in the setlist editor
  • Fixed OSC playback commands not syncing via AbleNet
  • Fixed an infinite loop of AbleNet commands
  • Fixed progress bars being slightly off from section markers
  • Fixed the “Cued Song” button in AbleSet’s Controller not working reliably
  • Fixed a visual bug in the “add song” overlay in Safari
  • Fixed an animation bug when expanding songs in the setlist view
  • Fixed a race condition that caused the AbleSet server to be started twice

Here’s a video of the most important new features:

You can download this version here:
Mac (ARM):

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