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Hey everyone! I’m Léo, the developer of AbleSet :wave:

A few of you asked if there was a place where they could chat with other AbleSet users, post suggestions and questions, and connect, so I thought I’d create a Discourse forum for this purpose. This is the first forum I’ve set up, so if you have suggestions for improvements, feel free to let me know in Site Feedback!



Just want to say what I’ve already said many times to others…AbleSet is my favorite piece of software for Ableton since ClyphX Pro and it’s only getting better. I sincerely hope this development continues for many years to come. It solves so many problems that I’ve tried to hack around over the years. I’m just an average joe but I’m super appreciative for this work!

Thank you @mrdrennan, I’m glad you like the app!

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Hi Leo!
I just want to say thank you for AbleSet. I’m from Russia and i play keys at Sirotkin band. Your plugin made our live shows SO MUCH easier! Now I literally press just one button to launch next song and it’s awesome!

Hey @thissvlad, I’m glad to hear you like the app! Welcome to the forum!

Hi Leo,
hi all,

I was struggeling with my complex Ableton setup for my elektro pop project with an innovative live show.
Ableton is controlling also visuals, the light show, self developed instruments and in the meanwhile different versions of songs.
To have different set lists I was working with “controller clips” jumping to locators. With this huge setup nearly a nightmare.

So I came to the idea if there is something out in the world which deals slightly smarter with this.
And I’m so happy that I found Ableset :heartbeat:

I just set a part of my setup since now but it works very neat and there are a lot of solutions for different situations already.

Just a bit pitty that lyrics doesn’t seems to be working with Ableton 10.

Leo, thanks a lot for that great work and saving so much time and stress!

If someone would like to check out my show (since now without Ableset :grin:)

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Hello @leolabs, hi everyone. Looking forward to using Ableset. I used to perform using only a backing track, and now I’ve finally put a band together. Ableset will make things much easier I’m sure!

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