Using a Stream Deck to Control AbleSet

I’ve recently released an AbleSet module for Bitfocus Companion that allows you to control and monitor your Live set from an Elgato Stream Deck.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set it up:

Let me know what you think. Would you use this on stage?


Hi, @leolabs. Is there any way to setup Elegato Stream Deck from Mac OSX 10.13.6? I’ve installed Companion 2.4.2, compatible to High Sierra, but AbleSet module doesn’t show up.

Hey @bbrito, unfortunately the AbleSet module is only shipped with Companion 3.1.0 or newer. Does the 3.1.0 beta not work on macOS 10.13?

Hi, Leo.

Unfortunately, Companion 3.1.0 beta does not work on macOS 10.13. But Companion plugin is compatible with Stream Deck 4.1 and later, and macOS 10.11 and later.

Couldn’t AbleSet module ship with Companion 2.4.2 as well?

It looks like Bitfocus doesn’t ship new updates for Companion 2 anymore, the last update was over 6 months ago, so it’s unlikely that the AbleSet plugin will be included in that version, unfortunately.

What do you see when you try to run the 3.1.0 beta on your machine? If you like, you can post a screenshot or a video, that often helps with troubleshooting.

I’m impressed by this!
You inspired me and I’ve just purchased a Stream Deck XL – doing my setup for live worship.
It seems this should vastly reduce my need to reach out to laptop, which is really good.

I think I have everything I need from Ableset point of view, except one thing-- ie ability to have the button(s) in Companion to track the progress of the current section visibly). This would give me better confidence where I am in the song/section. For example, have 4/8 buttons that would together be a progress bar for the section.

If that’s technically possible, that would be amazing.

Thank you Leo!

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@Lukasz that‘s a great idea! I think this should be possible to implement, I’ll look into it!

Likely I won’t be able to do a pixel-perfect progress bar, but I could split each button into 8 segments that become visible as the song or section progresses.

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@Lukasz I’ve just implemented a progress bar that can span one, two, four, and eight buttons and has support for songs and sections. Here’s a preview:

Each button can display 8 progress states, so if your section is 32 beats long, each beat would correspond to one progress increase with four buttons. Audio and video might not align correctly in the preview video, but the progress changes should be immediate.

What do you think, does this look good?

Thank you Leo, this is exactly what I meant! :slight_smile:
It’ll be super helpful.
When you update the module, will it update automatically in my Companion app?

@Lukasz you’d have to download the latest version from the Companion website. I expect it to be available sometime tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

Leo what do you mean - do I need to download the Companion app again?

I can’t see the option to re-download the plugin

@Lukasz yes, unfortunately they don’t have an updater yet, so you have to download the latest version from their website. When you install it, your configuration won’t be overwritten, so it’s kind of like an update, just more manual :sweat_smile:

HI, Leo.
Captura de Tela 2023-08-09 às 20.02.14

Oh, that’s unfortunate! Which version of Companion were you running before?

I am running Companion 2.4.2.

@bbrito unfortunately, the AbleSet module is only available on Companion 3.0.0 and newer.

The easiest solution would be to upgrade your computer to 10.15 or newer, but if you don’t want to do that, you could connect your Stream Deck to another computer that runs a newer version of macOS and Windows and is connected to the same network as your AbleSet computer and remote-control AbleSet that way.

I have been using the Companion for the Stream Deck ok. I tried downloading the Beta version, but when I tried to install it, the software wouldn’t open the screen allowing me to go to the GUI so I had to go back to stable version.

You can also open the GUI by clicking on “Launch GUI” in the tray menu of Companion:

CleanShot 2023-08-12 at 18.15.02@2x

I hope this helps!

I feel a little like I am cheating you. I just paid for Ableset 1 and you gave me the upgrade to Ableset 2. Your program is worth so much more.

How can I support you a little more? I would like to give you $200 to show my appreciation to you. Advise as to how I can do that.

You are the best and I hope you have tremendous success. I am getting ready to take my show on the road and Ableset is the key to what I am doing.

Can"t thank you enough.

Gary Steele

Hey @HoosierFarmBoy,

That’s very kind of you! I’ve just created a pay-what-you-want support link that you can use for this: Development Support - Checkout

I appreciate your support!