Should AbleSet show a continuous lyrics page with all songs' lyrics by default?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on the lyrics page today and managed to make it display all songs’ lyrics on one continuous page. This allows you to already see the next song’s first few lyrics lines before it starts, which @Nico2b asked about here.

Now that this is possible, I’m thinking of making this the default mode for lyrics, with a modifier attribute like [onesong] or simething similar to disable it and only display the lyrics of the current song.

Alternatively, I could keep the current behavior as-is and add an [allsongs] attribute that enables the continuous view of all songs’ lyrics.

Which one would you prefer?

  • Display all songs’s lyrics by default
  • Display only the current song’s lyrics by default
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I’m looking forward to your feedback!


Wow thanks for the quick support Leo ! <3

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