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first time using Ableset, thanks for your work Leo !

Is there a way to see the next song lyrics before hiting next song locator ??

I have 2 songs and there is no pause or stop between this 2 songs, I have to continue, this is a medley of 2 songs
I’m in the last refrain section of the 1st song, i see the lyrics for this section and at the bottow I see " Next: song 2"
I have to wait to enter into the 2nd song section to see the lyrics & chords appears
I’m wondering if there is a way to preview the next song lyrics & chords before going into the 2nd song section

Exemple :
I’m in the refrain of song 1, in the lyrics i can see the refrain lyrics center, the pre refrain lyrics above and the verse lyrics after and I know what will come after section

I would like to see the same thing between 2 song, in the middle, 1st song last refrain lyrics + chords and just after 2nd song verse lyrics & chords

Thanks for your help !

If it now just shows a blank, try dragging the lyrics/chords from the previous song all the way out to the first lyrics/chords of the next song and it should show it as coming up next or just add some arbitrary note on the midi note that is dragged out to the first lyric clip of the next song.

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Hey @Nico2b,

That’s an interesting scenario I hadn’t thought of before. Currently, AbleSet can only display the lyrics of one song at a time, but what belongs to a song is up to you.

If I were to place a medley in my arrangement, I’d make it just one song and use either section locators or section clips to mark the start of each song. That way, AbleSet will display the lyrics of all songs at once.

Would that work for your use case?

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Hi Leo,

that’s exactly what I’ve set up for the moment. The only problem is that, for example, I have a medley of 6 songs, but for a future show, I want to play only 3 song of this medley, it would be much easier to select just 3 songs when creating the setlist. So I just have to uncheck the songs that I don’t want in my setlist.

I have seen that you can put some parameter to ignore some section but it will be more easy to do it in the setlist and don’t have to scroll all my timeline to put parameters where I want to ignore some sections.

Maybe a new feature that let you check or not check some song’s section like we can check or uncheck some songs ?

Thanks for your help !

That makes sense! I’ll see what I can do about this :slight_smile:

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