Random halts of Ableton

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During yesterday show, it several occasions it wasn’t just stop playing while controlled with ableset. Also, sometimes did not react to control from it. Is this what a connection issue would look like?

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Hey @Texorama, welcome to the forum!

This sounds like it could be a connection issue. If you were controlling AbleSet via a WiFi connection, that’s likely what caused it. I’d generally recommend connecting all devices on stage via Ethernet so there won’t be any interference issues.

If Ableton’s audio itself dropped intermittently, that’s likely an issue with the audio driver or settings. In that case, Ableton’s support team might be able to help you troubleshoot this issue.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Yesterday I got a dedicated router just for ableset and again, Ableton stopped at random places only when connected with ableset.
This is very frustrating I’m on tour, people expect a smooth show and for that sound of money I expected a professional product. Using an iPhone is advertised, now you tell me for reliable use I should connect the iPhone via ETHERNET?? Who does that? My whole setup is built on ableset because I trusted you guys, now I’m kinda screwed. Please help. We can also arrange a call.

Hey @Texorama,

When playback randomly stops, does it pick up again after a short while? Does this only happen when you’ve opened the web app in your browser or also when AbleSet is running in the background?

If you can reproduce this behavior, could you send me a video of what it looks like along with a log package so I can take a closer look at what might be causing this? You can create one by opening AbleSet’s status window, clicking the settings icon on the top right, and then selecting “Create Log Package”.

Including the project file you’re working with would be helpful as well, so I can check it for any potential issues. You can upload all files to my support inbox.

You can definitely use AbleSet via WiFi – we do this as well in our setup, but if it’s not set up correctly, there might be interference issues as the 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum can become quite crowded during live shows. That’s why I generally recommend connecting devices via Ethernet if possible.

An unstable connection between AbleSet and your phone or tablet should never cause any audio dropouts though. You’d likely notice it in the form of delays between tapping a button and AbleSet reacting to it.


Have you tried updating Ableset and seeing if the issue remains? I’m not assuming anything about your setup but I remember several months back having my playback randomly stopping and it turned out to be a rogue locator and/or section marker. Also, does it always stop at the same spot or is it intermittent?

Edit to mention: we use several iPads, iPhones, etc., all over WiFi each week and never have issues, although I hardwire them to a network connection whenever possible because WiFi is not as reliable especially in large settings.

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Thank you Both very much!
I got through yesterday shows without a glitch.

What do you mean by updating, I’m using the current version?
Some observations:
Songs also started at random positions, not at the song’s beginning and not at the marker START.

The UI became unresponsive.
The Stops seem mostly random, but two times it stopped at the same position. there was no marker at that position.

Hey @Texorama,

Could you provide the version of Live you’re using? There have been some known issues with Live 11.3.3 and AbleSet and other plugins, but those have been fixed in later versions of Live.

Was it AbleSet’s web app or Live’s UI that became unresponsive?

Do these issues also happen with other project files or just this specific one?

I’m looking forward to your reply!