PSA: Live 11.3.3 and AbleSet

I’ve gotten a few reports of Live 11.3.3 acting up with AbleSet and not responding to requests or feeling sluggish. I’m already looking for a fix, but in the meantime I’d recommend staying on 11.2 and disabling automatic updates.

You can also downgrade to 11.2 by downloading it from Ableton’s archive: Log in or create an account | Ableton

Please reach out if you‘re experiencing issues as well. I hope to get this solved soon!

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I just released AbleSet 2.2.5 which should fix the connection issues with Live 11.3.3. You can view the changelog and download it here: AbleSet 2.2.5

If you’ve experienced issues with the last version of AbleSet and Live 11.3.3, I’d love to hear if this update fixes them for you!

Good morning Leo,
this seems to work on the test rig, due to last nights tests.
I will update our live rig and give it a try!
Thanks a lot!

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Going to try it out on 11.3.4 and get back to you.

Yes, I had this issue and downgraded also.

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