AbleSet 2.2.5

  • Added support for locking licenses from your account page
    • While a license is locked, you can’t activate it on any new computer, deactivate registered computers, or log in to your account from within AbleSet
  • Added support for choosing the “Licensed to” name from your account page
    • Instead of “Licensed to”, you can now replace the email with whatever you like, e.g. “Licensed to AbleSet”
  • Improved the message you see in the web app when the connection to AbleSet is lost
  • Improved the smoothness when resizing the lyrics window
  • Fixed issues with Live 11.3 which could cause regular disconnects
  • Fixed sections not loading properly sometimes in large projects
  • Fixed changes in section and lyrics clips sometimes not being recognized by AbleSet
  • Fixed lyrics not scrolling to the first line after jumping to a new song

You can download this version here:
Mac (ARM):