Perfomace/Setlist Dual View

So this may have been requested in the past and I haven’t seen it but, what would be the possibility of viewing the performance view & setlist view side by side? Similar to viewing Lyrics and Performance.

I know the section progress bar is there but there is something comforting to me about viewing it vertically. I am attaching a very rough mockup and what I am thinking. Obviously the bottom bar buttons would need to be re-done but I really like the idea of the Performance style large text indicating what song is selected, and the vertical view of the setlist.

You can achieve that using Open Stage Control. Check on this topic :arrow_right:(Ableset Workflow with Open Stage Control).


I know it’s possible with OSC, but it would be cool to have it built-in to Ableset (to minimize the number of “moving pieces”). You could open a couple browser windows and place them side by side

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Hey @calebstephen, thank you for your feature suggestion!

This is something I could implement in the future. Since AbleSet already supports lyrics in the performance view, it makes sense to support the setlist as well. Would you prefer a 50/50 split or would it be enough to make the setlist a bit more narrow, e.g. 67/33?

I’m looking forward to your reply!


Does not have to be 50/50. I think a narrower setlist would work well and maybe be a more efficient use of screen real estate.

I had found this thread like 5 minutes after posting this last night lol :man_facepalming:

I’m looking into this today for time being but agree with the comment below that having something built in would be awesome and simplify the process.

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I’ve started experimenting with this and came up with the following design for displaying the setlist in the performance view:

What do you think, does this look good to you? I’m looking forward to your feedback! :slight_smile:


Would the setlist window be re-sizeable?

For now, it just roughly takes up 1/3 of the screen’s width with a maximum width of 600px and a minimum width of 400px. Would you like the setlist to be a different size?

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I figure it depends on the use case; a 50/50 would be useful in my case (off-stage playback engineer that just wants a clean view of everything), but not necessarily for people that are using the performance view while performing on stage. If that makes any sense. Whatever ratio you settle on, I’ll be using the dual view either way :slight_smile:

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That looks just right👌
Could the setlist size be targeted on the style sheet for further customization?

Yes, that would be possible :slight_smile:


Aguardando ansiosamente por este recurso.