More Obvious Visual Feedback for Loop Enable

What if we could have a different colored background or a flashing background when the loop is enabled? This might be a bit easier for looping a section on the fly and not forgetting to release it.

As a part 2 of this request, I’d like to see an option to jump to a new section while looped and have the loop remain engaged until manually toggled off.

I just created a snippet that should do what you want: High-Contrast Loop Toggle

Regarding your part 2 of the request, what would your use case for that be?


I was thinking more along the lines of the entire background of the page changing color or pulsing, as you have the button doing here.

For part 2; I will occasionally encounter an extended looping situation (speaking to the audience, soloing, etc.) in which it would be nice to be able to jump out of a section into a new section, but have the new section still looping until it is released. Even rehearsal lends itself to this workflow. Kind of a specific use case for sure, but thought it might be a nice option if possible.

Does this style look better?

Regarding part 2, I’ll leave this open, since it might be a bit too niche for now. Maybe you can create a separate topic for it so we can close this one without losing sight of the 2nd part of your request.

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