Have songs disappear once played

Hey All!

My workflow atm is having 50+ songs in a session. I’ve had the thought it would be nice / handy to only have songs shown that haven’t been played yet as the gig rolls on.

So load all songs every time Ableton opens the project at start of gig. Then once a song has been played in full - it disappears from the set list.

Yes - it’s not essential - but would be a nice addition for my workflow.

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Just giving this a bump…

Having used, and loving Ableset a lot these days - this feature would be really nice for my


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A small bit of scripting could easily accomplish this. The logic would be to have an exported version of the setlist that would be manually imported/loaded at the start of the show. Then as a new song is loaded, the previous one would be marked as skipped. This would update the Ableset setlist where all connected devices would reflect that change. Again, the main thing would be to manually import/load the setlist at the beginning of the show.

EDIT: Actually, with multiple browsers open, the limitations of client scripting might not work as expected.

Just another bump, as this would be a super handy feature for me.

I have 50+ songs in an order - but always jump around. By the time I get to set 3 or 4 it would be super handy if all that displayed were songs I hadn’t played yet.

A luxury item i realise.

Anyways - hope you’re all well!


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This is now available as part of AbleSet 2.6.0-beta.10 :slight_smile:

I’ve added a new toggle to the setlist settings that allows you to enable this behavior.


Amazing! Many thanks - will try it out tomorrow night! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Just wanted to report I’ve used this last few gigs - It’s hard to express just how awesome this simple feature makes my life! By the 4th set last night my setlist was looking trim and clear! :fire::fire::fire: :pray::pray::pray: Fantastic addition!