AbleSet 2.6.0-beta.10

This one took a bit longer, but we’re getting closer to a stable release!

  • Added an option to remove played songs from the setlist
  • Added a way to jump to a random song via OSC
    • /setlist/jumpToSong RANDOM
  • Increased the demo time back from 2 to 15 minutes
  • Ensured that the floating window comes back into focus after loading a new project file
  • Improved the reliability of detecting if AbleSet is connected to Ableton Live
  • Fixed jumps to the next or previous song not working when the playhead is currently in a song that isn’t part of the setlist
  • Fixed a stray song named “Song” appearing in the setlist when the first locator in the project is a STOP or AUTOSTOP locator
  • Fixed a crash when a multi-file project contained more than ~300 songs
  • Fixed an issue where large setlists couldn’t be saved properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused “minutes remaining” to be displayed in the status window, even though the app was activated with a license key
  • Fixed an issue that would make AbleSet seem like it’s locked when the authorization state couldn’t be checked

You can download this beta here:
Mac (ARM):

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Having a problem with Ablenet on this new beta.

Not sure if this is a problem due to the beta or user error but either way…

I have a Mac (Main) and PC (Backup) both running Ableset 2.6.0-beta.10 with the same Ableton project open. They are both connected to a network switch and have static IPs.

Everything works as expected until I use the “Connect to Custom IPs” box.

I enter the Backup computer’s IP in the box under the Main computer’s Ablenet settings. Once I hit enter, my main computer shows only 1 host while my backup computer still shows 2.

I then make enter the IPs on the backup computer and nothing changes. Even when restarting Ableset on both computers.

90% of the time removing the IPs from the fields and restarting everything fixes the problem. I say 90% because twice when doing that, things acted very weird. I got this photo of the backup PC.

I was unable to get a screenshot of the main MAC but if I recall correctly it said at the top, to the left of the settings button, “1 Host” connected which was itself.

I was able to control both computers from the backup but the main computer would not control both. Moments after taking the photo of the backup PC I was checking the photo on my phone, glanced up, and everything was back to normal. Both computers say 2 hosts and list everything correctly.

I know that this became very convoluted very quickly. Please let me know what I should try. In the meantime I will install the latest stable release to test with that and I will update this post with my findings.


Update: After more weird stuff happening I have determined that the firewall on the backup PC was causing the MAC to be unable to connect.

Hey @lpage,

Thank you for reporting this, I’m glad you found a solution!

I realize that AbleSet could be more verbose when it comes to issues with connecting to other computers on the network via AbleNet. I’ll see if I can make this more user-friendly.

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