Feature Preview: Images in Lyrics

I’m currently working on supporting images in lyrics. This would allow you to add sheet music for certain lines, or other types of graphics you’d like to use.

What do you think, would you use this feature?


That’s a cool, cool feature right there.
As for file formats, PNG would be good I think.
Could gif also be supported?

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I’m glad you like it! This feature will support all image formats your browser supports, so PNG, JPEG, GIF, and more will all be available.

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That looks interesting!

This would be very useful for me as well. I have an application for 4-part harmony and I could show the score for each of the singer parts separately with their lyric parts.

Definitely would love to see it. But rather than simply a line at a time, it would be great to pull up, say, an image/pdf, etc. that would fill the entire screen.

I agreed with BeShharp. A full page would be super helpful for musicians since they don’t need to focus on lyrics.

This sounds awesome!

I just finished support for full-page images. You can mix them with normal lyrics as well if you like:

To make an image full-page, you can add the [full] attribute to the clip name. So for the bass tabs in the preview video, an image could be added by creating a clip called [img:bass-tabs-1.png] [full].

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Man this will be killer. Amazing Leo!

You can already try this out in the latest beta if you like. AbleSet looks for a folder called “Lyrics” in your Ableton Live project folder which can contain any kind of image your browser supports. The lyrics folder can contain subfolders if you want to organize your images, e.g. into one folder per song.

CleanShot 2023-08-09 at 10.03.43

To add an image (e.g. atw-1.png) to your lyrics, create a MIDI clip called [img:atw-1.png] on your lyrics track. Images in subfolders can be referenced like [img:Song Name/image.png].

I’d love to hear what you think when you try this out!

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This does not work for me at all - I just see the icon for missing picture and the filename…

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I’ve just released a new beta that should fix this. I’m always caught off guard by the fact that Windows uses backward slashes for paths while macOS uses forward slashes. That was the underlying issue :sweat_smile:

Same issue here Leo ! On macos with the new beta 3 !

Could you send me a screenshot of your project folder structure, along with a log package? You can create one by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu.

This will allow me to look under the hood and check what might be causing AbleSet to not find the images.

I sent you the files on support@ableset.app !

So it works perfectly when I’m loading a set that isn’t located in a Dropbox folder. It seems to be a file permissions issue.

And since I authorized Ableset to access the desktop, it even works when the set is in a Dropbox folder.
But after reloading Ableset it fails to open the images…

Thank you for the logs! Currently, AbleSet looks for the closest folder ending in “Project” to find the project root because that’s usually what Ableton Project folders are called. I’ll see if I can find another heuristic to quickly determine in which folder it should look for the “Lyrics” folder.

Ok ! Glad you found the problem !