Dynamic Mute Groups

We use ableset on Sundays for running tracks, it’s been great, but sometimes when we jump around sections we’ll want to do a down chorus or down bridge when there isn’t one in the tracks. Would it be possible to have dynamic mute groups where I could tag a clip with something like +MUTE1 and use an osc command to mute all tracks with clip playing that have that tag when the next section plays? Then I could say have all the up clips with that tag and queue the mute until the next section for a down chorus.

Hey @jzf, thank you for this feature request!

I’m not sure I fully understand what you’d like AbleSet to do with the mute groups, unfortunately. Could you elaborate on your use case and what you’d like to see added to AbleSet? :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your reply!

Hi @leolabs , Thanks for your reply.
I’d like to be able to tag part of a track (e.g the electric guitar and keys in the bridge) as part of a mute group. Then during a set I would like to be able to mute that group, either ad hoc, or queued based on an upcoming section. This would allow me to create a “down bridge” by muting the up parts of the section, which would be great when jumping around sections in a worship set!

That makes sense, thank you for elaborating on this! I think this is a good feature, and I’ll see how I can best implement this.

@agustinvolpe had a similar request here:

What do you think of my proposal?


That sounds great.
Thanks for all your brilliant work on this software Leo!