Add Furigana Text Support for Lyrics

If possible, I’d like to be able to place smaller hiragana/katakana text over kanji for lyrics text, like in the screenshot:
Screenshot 2023-12-24 161901

I wonder if it’s possible to implement via text field codes (?) based on how online furigana text generators are making it, but please let me know if this is possible!

Hey @emdyion, welcome to the forum!

This should be fairly simple to implement since browsers already support this type of text placement. What do you think of the following syntax for the example you posted?

{昨日}(きのう)の{朝}(あさ) {早}(はや)くに
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I just tried to implement a basic version of this feature and the example from my previous post would look like this on the lyrics page:

Does that look alright to you?

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Yes, this looks great! I don’t have issues with the syntax at this time either.

Thank you so much for implementing this :pray:

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