AbleSet 2.6.0

  • Added support for the PlayAUDIO1U
  • Lyrics improvements:
    • Added the ability to use M and N to scroll through the lyrics
      • Once used, the current lyrics line is pinned so it doesn’t change when the playhead crosses the next lyrics line in Live’s arrangement
      • This is helpful for songs that don’t use a metronome so you can’t specify the timing of lyrics precisely
      • You can use ⇧ + M to toggle this function on or off
    • Added support for ruby characters in lyrics
    • Added support for markdown and newlines in lyrics with chords
    • Added more track attributes for lyrics:
      • [allsongs] to displays the lyrics of all songs on one continuous page
      • [full] makes all images on the lyrics track full-sized
    • Improved the performance of the lyrics page
  • Performance View improvements:
    • Added a simple clock module to the performance view
    • Added an option to hide the song progress bar in the performance view
    • Added an option to hide the number of remaining songs
    • Improved the layout consistency of items on the performance page
    • Made the performance settings more readable by indenting individual tags and hiding them when the “Song Information” section is disabled
  • MIDI Mapping improvements:
    • Added an AbleNet toggle for each MIDI input on the MIDI mapping page (see docs)
      • Since most redundant setups use a MIDI controller that is connected to all playback computers, MIDI commands aren’t sent to other computers via AbleNet anymore by default
    • Added an indicator that flashes MIDI mappings on the MIDI mapping page when they are triggered
    • Added support for press/hold note commands
    • Added support for mapping PC events
  • Added more OSC commands:
    • AbleSet can now uniquely identify client devices on the network
    • New commands to lock/unlock clients and to navigate to a given URL (see docs)
    • A notification system that can be triggered via OSC (see docs)
    • An endpoint for jumping by a given number of lyric lines (see docs)
    • A new command to jump to a random song in the setlist (see docs)
    • Commands to control AbleNet (see docs)
      • A new /getHeartbeat command to trigger a heartbeat from AbleSet
  • Added an option to remove played songs from the setlist automatically
  • Added an option to always open AbleSet in a floating window instead of opening the browser
  • Added an option to automatically open the setlist view when AbleSet starts
  • Added the ability to import a setlist from a simple text file
  • Improved messages when Live is loading a project file
    • Instead of “Connection to Live is lost…”, you’ll now see “Loading Project File.als…” which is more accurate
  • Reduced false positives that would trigger the “Plugin is not installed” error in AbleSet’s status window
  • Fixed lyrics not scrolling in some cases when the performance view is locked
  • Addressed an issue where the setlist wouldn’t update properly when loading a large project file in Live
  • Fixed an issue that caused song durations to be wrong in projects created with Live 12
  • Improved error reporting

You can download this version here:
Mac (ARM):