AbleSet 2.4.0-beta.2

  • Added support for images in lyrics
  • Added a menu item for settings to the web app
  • Added a hamburger menu on the web app for smaller screens
  • Added the ability to jump to song sections by clicking on them in the progress bar in performance view
  • Added /global/playPause and /global/playStop OSC commands to toggle playback
  • Fixed “/undefined” at the end of the URL when clicking on “Open AbleSet” in the status window
  • Fixed songs that aren’t in the setlist not showing up in lyrics
  • Fixed file picker not reliably returning files when importing setlists
  • Fixed multi-file project paths containing brackets and other special characters not working
  • Fixed /global/play command not working

You can download this beta here:
Mac (ARM):

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Is there any documentation on how to add images as of yet?

Not on the website, but I’ve outlined the rough process here: Feature Preview: Images in Lyrics - #11 by leolabs :slight_smile:

Missed that…Thanks for the reply!

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