Ability to solo reference tracks (midi-mappable)

I’ll describe my use case as clearly as possible:
In one of the bands I play in, we have quite an extensive list of songs.
A lot of times during rehearsal we need to go over some song or section that we don’t quite remember or need to practice or whatever.
Given that we also have the reference tracks of the songs we play loaded in our session, I think it would be handy to be able to solo the reference track and add that as a midi-mappable option on the current option list in AbleSet’s midi mapping settings, (the given reference track could be flagged with +REF, so to speak) so to be able to listen to it on the fly.

I think this might be something we can expand to other use cases as well. I could add support for defining custom track groups that can be muted or soloed via OSC. Not sure about the exact syntax yet, but something like +GROUP-REF could work to add a track to a group called “ref”.

That way, you could define multiple groups, e.g. +GROUP-PADS, +GROUP-VOX, etc. that can all be muted or soloed.

What do you think?


That would be awesome!