Ability to Skip Song Sections

Is there a way to “deactivate” sections of a song in the setlist view?  For example if in the set we decide we don’t want to play the Bridge in Song 3 tonight… can I just deactivate that section on the ableset setlist and when it comes to that Bridge it just jumps over it to the next marker?  Without going into Ableton to remove that section or edit the Bridge marker?

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Hey @cjmdrum,

I’ve split your reply into a separate post so it’s easier to find for others.

This is currently not possible, but I’ve been thinking of adding a way to automate jumps between sections. My idea is that you can use a special syntax to tell AbleSet which section to jump to after the current section has ended. For example, you could have a section marker named > Chorus 1 >>> Outro which would make AbleSet jump to the outro section after the chorus.

This will take a while to implement properly, but it would open up many possibilities for making song structures more dynamic.

In the meantime, you could set AbleSet’s jump mode to “End of Section” and manually cue the section after the bridge once you reach the section before the bridge. That isn’t the most optimal solution, but might be a helpful workaround.

I hope this helps!

Hey @cjmdrum,

I just released AbleSet 2.5.0-beta.4 which adds basic support for the jump automation syntax I described in my previous reply.

I recommend not using AbleSet betas on stage, but if you do decide to try it out, I’d love to hear what you think and if this feature works for your use case.

I’m also very interested in this feature.
My set is full of edited arrangements of songs, but because I work with backing tracks its important to me to be able to perform non-destructive edits within Ableton/Ableset.
@leolabs thanks for adding the jump automation syntax, I will test it out. However I see it as a workaround. I would also like to be able to mute/greyout the bridge in @cjmdrum example, so that edits to the song structure are visible, obvious and quick to try out.


Hey @bobbyquine, welcome to the forum!

I appreciate your feedback and will check if I can make this feature more user-friendly in the future.