Control Ableset with computer Keyboard

Loving Ableset! I have been running Ableton for years using the keyboard and Key map feature in ableton. Is it possible to do the same with Ableset? I’d like to use the up/down arrow keys to move around the set and spacebar to launch/stop.

Hey @cjmdrum, welcome to the forum!

Currently, AbleSet doesn’t support key mapping natively, but if your version of Live has support for Max for Live, you could add the AbleSet Controller and use Live’s key mapping feature to map your desired keys to AbleSet features.

Would that work for your use case?

This is great thanks.

I like running Ableset from the keyboard.   Using the space bar and arrow keys.   Working great.  Is there a way to mute the built in Metronome from that screen.  Similar to how you can toggle the Loop on and off with the L key?

Currently, AbleSet doesn’t have support for this, but I’ve added it to my todo list to look into it :slight_smile:

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