It would be cool to have a WYSIWYG css editor where users can create and download their own custom CSS for “theming” AbleSet. Not sure how much work this would be, but after seeing your lyric generator tool I am convinced @leolabs is some kind of wizard :smile:

Something akin to this: http://selfcss.org/

where you can see point and click CSS changes affect the various URLs of an AbleSet instance in real time. Users could then download the CSS files and install in their own custom directory.

This could be a way to exert some control over custom CSS changes while still giving users the option to truly customize the look and feel of their AbleSets. It could make for a nice new forum category, too: “User Themes”.

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That might be quite a bit of work to implement properly, but you can kind of do this already using the Visual CSS Editor Chrome extension.

This allows you to click on elements to edit their styles fairly easily. The generated selectors aren’t always optimal – that is in part due to how the framework I use for styling automatically generates class names.

I like the idea of having a user themes category! Maybe we can call it “User Styles” and add tags to discern between snippets that just change the look of one element and full-fledged themes.

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I was unaware of this Chrome Extension, but that would go a long way. Maybe keep the built-in CSS Editor on the distant horizon, in case you get bored :wink: