Wrong Host Names displayed in AbleNet

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Hey Leo…

2.4.0 beta 3 is not displaying my computer names correctly in the AbleNet section. I have the host names set to a-rig.local and b-rig.local. For some reason it is pulling the wrong names. I emptied caches and reset history, to no avail.


Mac OS 12.5
2.4.0 beta 3
Ableton 11.3.3

Hmm, that’s interesting. AbleSet calls scutil --get ComputerName once when it starts to determine the current computer name. Could you try running this command in your terminal and check if it correctly returns “a rig” and “b rig” respectively?

I will try this out a bit later and report back.

@leolabs ,

Here is a screenshot showing what AbleSet is pulling vs. what terminal pulls. I only recently changed my computer name is MacOS System Prefs, and as you can guess, “MIke’s MacBook Pro” was the previous name.

Another strange thing is that it will sometimes show 4 hosts in total when I only have 2.

Hmm, that’s strange. Are you using the automatic mode or are you manually specifying the IP addresses of your computers in the AbleNet settings?

If you like, you can email me a log package so I can inspect why your computers appear multiple times.

Generally, I’m currently working on overhauling the entire AbleNet system to be more stable and resilient to weird or flaky network setups.

Does it matter which computer I create the package from?

I’ve tried both auto and manual.

If you see duplicate hosts in AbleSet on both computers, then it doesn’t matter. Otherwise, you can send me a log package from both computers.


I’m happy to report that, after getting both of my machines on the same build of operating system (Ventura 13.5) that the host issue is resolved and displaying properly now.

That’s great to hear, thank you for your feedback!