Toggle view by song or cue

Is it possible to change the Ableset view for a particular client via midi command (or another automatic method)?

I want the lead singer’s monitor to display the setlist (normal view) until you get to song 3, for which the lead singer needs the LYRICS view. …then back to SETLIST view for songs 4 - 5, LYRICS view for song 6, etc.

Is there an automatic way to do this? Trying to control the show with a Morningstar pedal, so no one is sitting at the computer to click the button.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the moment since there’s no way for client devices to identify themselves uniquely to the server. If you can send virtual key presses to the lead singer’s browser, you can use Shift+Tab to toggle between setlist and lyrics view.

I hope this helps!

With the release of Midi mapping, could View commands be implemented? For example:


To solve the request by @ike , there could be local view commands:


The midi map would be the impromtu “id” for their browser.

A view change event would also be great for code inside of Ableset’s scripts.js file

That would be a cool addition! I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

thanks for consideration!

I’m just getting into using Ableton for live tracks, and Ableset is a brilliant piece of software. many great ideas and well implemented. congrats @leolabs

much appreciated

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