Strange behaviour in Performance view

When a song is stopped in performance view you can use the button to got to the song start again. This resets the song marker to beat 1 of the session rather then the first cue of the song (I am in Multi-file mode).

The main problem I encounter after that is when I restart the song, the marker moves all the way up to the first cue and then stops playback… and if I have “autoload next song” enabled it loads the next song.

I tend to believe I am doing something wrong, but I cant seem to find out what…

Thanks for any help!

  • OS and Version: (Win11)
  • Version of AbleSet: (2.2.5)
  • Version of Ableton Live: (11.3.3)

Hey @TedBatzelona,

That’s definitely a bug, thank you for reporting it! I just managed to reproduce this on my end and will release a new version with a fix soon :slight_smile: