Standalone AbleSet?

Just thinking off the top of my head here.
I imagine that this would take a long time to develop, but have you ever thought about a standalone version of AbleSet?
Perhaps with proprietary software that could operate independently of Ableton Live or any DAW?

Hey @agustinvolpe, thank you for your suggestion!

I think it would take a long time to implement a standalone version of AbleSet that handles the audio and MIDI side of things as well as being able to work with VST and AU plugins, and Live is already good at doing that, so I’m not sure if it would be worth working on that, unfortunately.

However, I have thought of making a version of AbleSet that doesn’t need to connect to Live and just offers MIDI mapping, OSC, and redundancy features like being able to see the status of connected redundant audio interfaces.

This has been requested by a few customers and it seems like a feasible idea. What do you think?

That’s sounds interesting indeed,
how would that work in contrast of the current version? I reckon transport controls would be out of the question right?

Yeah, everything that integrates with Live would be removed from that version, including the setlist and lyrics features. That would make it less of a setlist management app and more of a utility for redundant setups :slight_smile:

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