Spread the word!❤️

We’re all here because AbleSet’s been a game changer for us, and also because Leo always listens and delivers.
So I think it would be cool to, if you have a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, tik tok or whatever, spread the word about AbleSet, tag/mention it in your stories, and show others how good this is.


Couldn’t agree more. I feel so fortunate that I stumbled across AbleSet from a Google search. I’ve been looking for something like this for years, and even tried to hack together my own solutions in the past. Add to this the fact that Leo is clearly listening to the users and giving us all a chance to participate in AbleSet’s development. It’s just an awesome, awesome app.


I agree. Leo has developed a well-needed app that fills a great demand. Let’s all do our best to spread the word to make Ableset even more successful. Leo is constantly provided new innovation and upgrades.