Song length not correct

  • OS and Version: Windows 11 Pro 22H2
  • AbleSet: 2.5.6
  • Ableton Live: 10.1.43

I was collecting songs for a specific length of a set and some song lengths displayed in the ableset are a bit weird.

One song i.e. is longer than 8 minutes, even it is in real just 6.

I have several different BPMs for different songs which all are displayed in ableset correctly.

So I played around with an empty new Ableton live set and it seems to me that the length in ableset is calculated based on 120 BPM always.
If I change the BPMs in Ableton to lets say 80 BPM, the song length in Ableset stays as it was with 120.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hey @airman,

That sounds like a bug, thank you for reporting this!

Could you send me a log package so I can take a closer look at what might be causing this? You can create one by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu. You can either send it to or upload it to the support inbox.

This might also explain why lyrics aren’t working with Live 10 on your end. Since Live 10’s API doesn’t provide information about clips in the arrangement view or tempo automation, AbleSet has to parse it out of the saved project file. This works most of the time but is a bit more error-prone compared to using Live’s API.

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Hi @leolabs ,
thanks a lot for the quick support.

I’m very sorry, maybe I need some glasses, but for some reason I don’t find that “Create Log Package” ?

Do I need to switch a “debug mode” or “dev mode” on or so?

In the meanwhile I’ll upgrade to Live 11. But I’ll keep 10 for my live setup until we killed this bug :wink:

Thanks for your help

Hey @airman , it’s a bit confusing because there are two places where settings can be accessed. On your computer, look for the Ableset tray icon and click on it. On that menu, click on the gear icon located at top right. I’m on a MacBook but it should look something like this:

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Hi @RichardB ,
ah, there it is. Thanks a lot for the hint :+1:

Hi @leolabs ,
I sent the log files and also the test LIVE file where it can be reproduced.
I hope that helps. If you need somehting else just let me know.

But you are right. It seems to me, if I load this in a fresh LIVE the length seems to be right. But if you change the BPMs nothing happens to the setlist song lengths.
And in my original LIVE show file they are always wrong.


Hey @airman,

Thank you for the log files!

I just tried to reproduce the issue with the example .als file you uploaded, but the song times appear correctly on my end. Could you also send me the original project file you first experienced the issue with? Just the .als file should suffice for this.

Regarding the status window being cut off, I just managed to reproduce that on my machine and will try to fix this in the next update. In the meantime, an easy workaround is to make sure the tray icon of AbleSet is always visible by dragging it out of the temporary tray area into the permanent tray area on the right of your task bar.

Hey @leolabs ,
I sent some files :wink:

First a test .als where 2 songs are exact 1 Min each.
I played a bit around and capture a video of it.
If you play with the BPM curve nothing happens to the length.

Unfortunately I found another issue which might correspond to this:
If you set another locator right in the middle of the song, the first time the lengths are calculated. But if you delete and set it once again it does not.
It seems to me that something with adressing the locators are not working properly.

I sent you also my show file where 2 song lengths are very obvious not correct.

Maybe this is easy to fix. But if it is a hard one and as we are heading to Live 12, I wouldn’t invest time if I were you. Just mention in the Ableset description that there might be issues with Live 10 and that should be fine. Just a thought from me as a WebDev :grin:

Good luck

Hey @airman,

Thank you for the additional files!

I just checked on my end and it seems like AbleSet has some trouble parsing the file as-is. This was a nasty bug to fix, but I think I found a solution.

Technical Details

My XML parser assumed that it was legal to escape quotes in attribute values with a backslash, so the following entry broke it:

<RelativePathElement Id="0" Dir="H:\" />

My parser thought the \" after H: was an escaped quote and treated the rest of the project file as a string instead of additional XML elements. Since the spec doesn’t allow escaping quotes anyway, I removed that “feature” from the parser which fixes the issue.

I’ll publish this fix as part of the next update.

Regarding tempo curve changes not being reflected in the setlist, since AbleSet needs to parse this information out of the project file, Live needs to save changes first before AbleSet has access to the new tempo curves.

This is a bit of a drawback, but since that’s the only way AbleSet can access this data, there’s no better way to solve this at the moment, unfortunately.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the locator bug yet, unfortunately, but I’ll keep looking for a fix.