Shortcut for jumping to next section/previous section/beginning of current section

Not sure if I’m missing something that should be obvious, but is there no keyboard shortcut for these?
I need this for when my singer misses his mark and I need to restart a section or jump to the previous one, I’d like to do this without using the mouse.
Thank you

That’s a good idea! Would something like Shift + ← and Shift + → to jump between sections work for you?

In my opinion it would have to be one key. I would most likely be playing my instrument while this is happening and need to be able to make it happen with one precise click. In my usual ableton setup I assign [ and ] to jump to previous and next marker.

The problem I see with [ and ] is that those keys aren’t available on all international versions of keyboards. For example, on some European MacBook keyboards, you have to press ⌥ + 5 to write [. This seems rather unintuitive compared to the arrow keys.

An alternative could be using the and arrows to jump between sections in a song, but I’m not sure yet whether pressing should jump to the next or the previous section.

What do you think?

Yes actually up and down arrow would be perfect. I would say intuitively for me up would go to the beginning of current section, another press to previous section etc. all the way to beginning of song and down would go to next section.

I love the idea of this. I actually would rather have it function like this…

Pressing the left arrow key takes you back to the section your in [super useful if someone misses a cue and they need to come in at the next downbeat, you can cycle tracks to go back to that section super easily and while in performance mode] If you press the left arrow twice, the previous section will blink and it will take you there instead of restarting the section your on.

Pressing the right arrow key takes you to the next section of the song. [like if you need to end the bridge early to go back to the chorus]

The up arrow would go back to the previous song, like you were going back up the setlist.

The down arrow would take you to the next song, like your were going down the setlist.

This makes sense to me because the setlist is in a vertical view already, while the sections in performance view are left to right.

As always, I think the best choice is making it so that you can assign a button to any of these actions for your own workflow :slight_smile:

Yeah I completely agree. Except maybe for people who are already used to right and left arrows taking them to the previous and next song it might be a bit of a mindfuck. But as a new user this would feel most intuitive to me.

This is something I thought about as well. With this in mind, I think going with @RonnieM’s suggestion is the best way for now.

This would be a cool feature as well! I could imagine building something similar to the MIDI mapping feature, but for key presses. I’ve added it to my todo list as well, though that might take longer than the predefined shortcuts for jumping between sections :slight_smile:

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These shortcuts are now available in the latest beta, AbleSet 2.5.0-beta.1.

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