Settings change error

Hello Leo,

I have trouble with my ableset settings, i can’t edit stop mode after a song or other setting.
Any way to reppair this ?

Hey @YannP,

Could you elaborate on the issue you’re experiencing? Does the settings page not load for you or does clicking on the settings toggles not change any settings?

If you like, you can send me a screen recording or video showing the issue you’re experiencing. That often helps with troubleshooting.

I’m looking forward to your reply!

clicking on the settings toggles not work yesterday but now i have retry and it’s work perfect

That’s great to hear, I’m glad it works now!

I am running into the same problem. After testing it appears that when wifi is turned on I can change settings and everything works as normal but as soon as I turn wifi off it won’t allow me to change settings like autoplay, jump mode, or safe mode. It will however let me change midi map settings. I have selected my LAN as preferred network in Ableset and it is also above wifi in my network service order.

Hmm, that’s strange. Could you email me a log package to so I can take a closer look? You can create one by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu.

If you like, you can also send me a video of what this looks like on your end. If it’s too large to send over email, you can also upload it here.

Do you have a web app password set up by chance, and if so, does removing it fix this issue?

I’m looking forward to your reply!