Setting: Adding/Reordering Songs

My group members have ask me to submit a feature request that pertains to adding and re-ordering songs from the setlist view (non edit mode). It’s very convenient to simply click the + button and add songs to the setlist without having to enter in edit mode. But there are some workflow issues that they would love to see changed.

  • Setting 1: Append New Songs To Bottom
    When not in edit mode, any added song is inserted directly below the current loaded song. We/they would like an option to automatically append each added song to the bottom of the current list. (This is the default behavior when in edit mode. They want this same behavior without having to enter into edit mode)

  • Setting 2: Sort Handle Always Visible
    Having the option of “aways visible” sort handles would be much easier for them to use. The problem is that while non-edit mode shows added songs conveniently next to each other, entering edit mode forces the user to scroll through the entire song collection to find and sort each specific song.

Thanks for all that you do @leolabs in making this killer app! I would never want to use Ableton again without Ableset! 10 stars from our group!

Hey @RichardB,

The first setting should be fairly simple to implement, I’ll look into that!

The 2nd setting would require more work, but there’s already a button that allows you to hide all skipped songs in the setlist editor, so clicking the edit button doesn’t mean you’ll have to scroll around the setlist to get back to where you were before. You can toggle this by clicking on the little eye icon in the setlist editor:

I hope this helps!

The “Hide Skipped Songs” button is perfect and I’ll encourage everyone to enable that. With that in place, they should be fine to build the setlist from within that view. Definitely no rush for option 1 now. Thanks for the help!

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I’m glad I could help!