Section labels over the progress bar

Hi @leolabs / All,
I tried to search the forum to find any info on that, but I couldn’t.

Is there any way to have the section names just over the respective parts of the progress bar in Performance mode?
The labels only show when hovering over the section, while it would help me much more to see the structure of the whole song if I had the names there (at least I think so).

Is this possible?

Thanks for the amazing software… I’m using it all the time!

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Hey @Lukasz,

This isn’t currently possible, unfortunately, but I just played around with the idea a bit and came up with the following solution:

Section names that are too long need to be cut off, but otherwise this would add more information to the progress bar without requiring more space.

What do you think, would that work for you?


Hi @leolabs I think this is brilliant and exactly what I meant.
Of course, I’d need to validate in real life how this works but I think this should be of big help in terms of seeing the overall structure of the song more clearly.

THank you!

Cool! I’ll include it as part of the next update :slight_smile:


It works great! Thank you for including it.
I keep being amazed by this software. I mean, IT JUST WORKS! And works so well and is sooo reliable.