Second browser window

Hey there all.
We have been using ableset in a live environment for some time now.
We have the drummer with the main MacBook Pro and then an external screen for lyrics as a teleprompter.

After the update and having to use the new floating set list window we can no longer run multiple browser windows that allowed us to have the set list control for the drummer on the MacBook and then a separate window for lyrics on the prompter.

What are we doing wrong? Or was this an oversight and if so can we get this rectified asap as it seems you can longer have both.

Which takes away all control.

Hey @visualvoodoo,

The floating setlist window is just an additional feature and you don’t have to use it. You should still be able to open AbleSet in your browser like you used to by clicking on “Open AbleSet” in the status window. If this doesn’t work, could you send me a video of what it looks like on your end?

I’m looking forward to your reply!

I can no longer connect. The only way I could connect was via the floating window. 
Since the update can no longer use it normally?

Just said it cannot connect. 
So the only way was through the floating window.

Hmm, that shouldn’t happen. Could you send me a screenshot of the issue in your browser and a screenshot of AbleSet’s status window so I can take a closer look?

Yep. I won’t be able to till tomorrow. 
It is midnight here in Australia.