Scrolling through setlist w/midi controller in multi-file project

Use case:
I usually have a pretty large list of songs (sorted A-Z), that I scroll through with a midi controller to get to the one we’re going to play.
While this works well when using a single project for multiple songs, behavior is different upon switching to a multi-file project, because each time a song is selected, a new project is loaded. Which kind of prevents me from scrolling rapidly through the list with the midi controller.
I don’t know if this is currently possible, but I was thinking of an option for multi file projects that would enable scrolling through the list and not automatically loading the highlighted song. And then if one wanted to actually to play the selected song, load the song project by double clicking and/or midi mapping/double tapping a switch to do so.
Another approach to this could be that AbleSet could wait 2 or 3 seconds before actually loading the highlighted song, so to make scrolling through the setlist possible.
What do you think?