Same songs, different keys / singers

Hello Everyone!

My workflow has been bouncing between 3 Abelton Projects. One for my keys, one for a female vocalist i work with and another for a different male singer who does a few different keys than me for same songs. ( We are talking all the same songs / structures etc - just keys are changing )

It gets messy trying to copy songs from one project and put into another etc… Easy to lose track of what songs I’ve edited / which ones need updating etc.

Is anyone else dealing with this? How are you going about it?

My current thought is to have one master set, and have 3 bass tracks for example - and simply mute whichever one i don’t need for the gig. Having all the songs following the same structure / lyrics / DMX / cues etc etc…

Curious to hear how other people are dealing with this.


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You could do this but if you have multiple tracks per song (more than just a bass track) I would put all of the tracks for each separate key in a group together, that way you could easily mute or unmute them all with one press.


Still haven’t found a great solution for this.

Atm just having all the songs in one project is working - then using setlists for whatever the gig requires and still being able to access the other songs quickly enough if needed.

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