Redundant Sync When Receiving Play Command

I am using a redundant computer set up (hooked together via ethernet cable) but only the first computer is receiving an incoming play command from ProPresenter in which case only the first computer begins playing and the other computer remains in the stopped position. However, if I trigger the play command from my iPad (via the AbleSet app) both computers will sync up.

Can there be a feature that always syncs up both computers no matter where the play signal comes from?

Have you tried AbleNet? It should keep the playback of 2 machines in sync.

Yes, I have enabled AbleNet. It works great and triggers both computers when I launch the play button via the AbleSet app.

However, when receiving a play signal from midi it only triggers the one computer that is receiving the signal and the second computer remains in the stop position.

I see. What is your MIDI interface? Have you looked into the iConnectivity stuff? All of the Mio Line stuff can route MIDI to different places simultaneously through a matrix. They also have RTP or ethernet based MIDI transmission to send it over long distances.

The PlayAudio 12 can also handle that job, redundant audio failover, and scenes can be remote controlled from AbleSet!

Thank you for helping. I can set up both computers to receive incoming / outgoing midi changes and that will work but I wanted to see if it was possible for AbleSet to sync up so that both computers are always mirroring each other regardless of how the track is triggered.

We’ve reached the end of my abilities :joy: We’ll see if @leolabs has an answer for you.

Hey @cgbb1964,

The play/pause/stop buttons in the AbleSet Controller send commands directly to Live without going through AbleSet first. I’ve done this on purpose so that in the worst case, if AbleSet crashes, you can still control basic playback functions using your MIDI controller.

Generally, as @mrdrennan suggested, I’d recommend setting up some way to send the same MIDI commands to both computers so either of them could crash completely without affecting your ability to control playback from ProPresenter.

If that’s not an option for you, you can use this Max for Live device which sends all playback commands through AbleNet: AbleSet Playback Controls.amxd (13.4 KB)

I hope this helps!

Hi Leo!

Thanks for your reply. I will plan to set up both computers to receive those midi commands. That would be best for redundancy and will work fine.

Thanks again for all that you do!

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I just released AbleSet 2.5.0-beta.8 which contains an improved Max for Live controller that allows you to choose whether you’d like all commands to be sent to other connected computers via AbleNet as well: