Record status indication

Use case: I often find myself recording rehearsals/gigs, and honest since we started using AbleSet :heart_eyes: that’s all we ever have -and need- on-screen really.
We don’t scroll back to Ableton Live other than to open a session :sweat_smile:, (or if something is seriously wrong which, fortunately, is rare).
So maybe in the same spirit as Playaudio users can see which scene is active, there could be a record status indication somewhere.
Maybe just a circle that could toggle white :white_circle:/red :red_circle: and that’s it (or whatever color fits the UI better).
I’m not thinking about a proper record button (wouldn’t complain though :rofl:), as one could just start/stop recording via custom OSC.
What do you think?

Thank you for your suggestion, that’s a good idea! Would you only need to see this indicator in performance mode or in the setlist view as well?

Well, if it’s possible it would be awesome to be able to have that information in every view😅

Cool! I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

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