Random Jump to First Marker when trying to Loop section

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When trying to loop a section, Ableton jumps to first marker in set list. Seems to be on a 1 bar count each time.
Video for reference: https://youtu.be/zgGjiBILEmM

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  • OS and Version: macOS 12.0
  • Version of AbleSet: 2.4.1
  • Version of Ableton Live: 11.3.4

Hey @JeremyNoland, welcome to the forum!

This is a bit unintuitive, but for AbleSet internally, each song ends at the beginning of the following song in your timeline.

This means that when your playhead reaches the song marker in your video, AbleSet checks the setlist to look for the song that comes after the previous song in your timeline and jumps there.

I’ll see if I can improve this behavior in the future. In the meantime, the easiest workaround is to always start playback somewhere between the song‘s start and end locator.

I hope this helps!

Thanks so much for the quick reply! Impressive! That makes sense. I will use that workaround in the mean time

Appreciate it!

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Hey @JeremyNoland,

This issue should be solved with the latest version of AbleSet: AbleSet 2.4.3

Let me know if this works on your end as well!