Question About Sections

AbletSet is not displaying accurately in the Browser. I only have one Locator Set with the title of the song in it. I’ve built a Sections midi track. What I see in Ableton Live is different than what I see in the Browser. Feels like I’m doing something wrong but I’m not sure what it is. Thanks for the help.

Please fill out these values to make it easier to troubleshoot:

  • Windows 11
  • 2.6.6
  • 12.0.2

Hey @barteloso72, please excuse my late response!

Could you send me the project file you’re experiencing this issue with so I can take a look at what might be causing it? If you like, you can also include a video of what it looks like on your end – that often helps with troubleshooting.

You can either email it to or upload it to my support inbox.

I’m looking forward to your reply! :slight_smile: