Printable Set List

Would be great to save a printable set list that players could tape to the floor so they have the list in a form that doesn’t require electricity. We currently manage all our lists digitally in Ableset but must manually create lists to print.

Something like this would be great

I agree, this is a must.

Agree, not only for printing but also we are sending list by email and to band discord chat. So some copy paste will be useful too. If this go to some development plan other features could be useful too as we also to email adding url to some orginal yt video and also yt url to our record to give band base for preparation. Hope that this will be added :slight_smile: @leolabs go for it

This is already implemented.
Just input cmd+p/ctrl+p in your browser while on setlist view.

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Thanks @agustinvolpe! This feature is a bit hidden, I think, but hooking into the browser’s printing options seemed like the easiest way to offer printing.

I’ve just added a section to the docs that describes this function: Importing, Exporting, and Printing Setlists – AbleSet