Plugin does not load in Ableton

After an Ableset Update, it asked to install the plugin. I installed following the instructions. The message indicates that is installed but Ableton does not load it up. I have reset it several times as well as installed the plug in and it is not working yet.

I checked the folder library and the files there are new, which seems to be installed recently. It seems that Ableton does not recognize it. I am using:
Ableton 10 in a Macbook Pro, high sierra, Ableset 2.3.12 (seems to be)

Please help since I have a gig tonight.


The more information you include, the better. If you like, you can also attach images or videos.

Please fill out these values to make it easier to troubleshoot:

  • OS and Version: (e.g. macOS Ventura 13.3)
  • Version of AbleSet: (e.g. 2.2.3)
  • Version of Ableton Live: (e.g. 11.3.3)

Hey @Aarubs,

Could you email me a log package so I can inspect why the plugin might not be loaded? You can create one by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu. If you like, you can also send me a video of the issue, that often helps with troubleshooting.

Also, could you check that you’re running the latest version of Ableton Live 10? It should be at least 10.1.13 for AbleSet to work.

I’m looking forward to your reply!

Hi Leo
Thanks for the reply. I am using Ableton live 10.0.3 and has been working perfectly until the Ableset update last night. If I have to update it as a must then probably I will go with version 11, which I din’t want to use to not overload my old macbook. I will send you the log from my personal email.


You don’t have to go all the way to Live 11 if you’d like to get the current version of AbleSet to work, especially if you have a gig tonight. Alternatively, you can also download an older version of AbleSet that is still compatible with Live 10.0.3: AbleSet 1.11.1

I hope this helps!