Plugin can't be installed

for any randowm reason, the plugin will not be installed on my system when I install an upgrade or even an older release… used to work fine before but for some days I am stuck.
IS there wa way to manually copy the remote sript file to the user libraray?

  • Windows 11
  • 2.3.7
  • 11.3.4

Hey @TedBatzelona,

Could you try to manually install the plugin by clicking on “Add AbleSet Plugin to Ableton” in AbleSet’s settings menu?

If that doesn’t work, could you send me a log package via email so I can take a closer look at it? You can create one by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu.

I hope we can find a solution soon!

Hi @leolabs,

I have tried that many times with various releases. Nothing seems to work.
I also started the app in administrator mode but no changes… might be a windows user rights issue? I have a log package ready for you - where do you want me to send this to? I can’t seem to find your email :slight_smile:


You can send it to

We figured out that this was caused by a permissions issue in the User Library folder on @TedBatzelona’s computer. Ensuring that it wasn’t set to read-only and his user had all permissions for the folder fixed this.