Playaudio12 rtp-midi to other devices

new ableset user, absolutely love the program. i have a little bit of an off-topic question, but hoping someone here knows the answer!

do i need a separate device to receive/interpret rtp midi? my current playback rig is two computers running an ableton playback session running redundantly through a playaudio12. i want to control uad console for vocal processing on another laptop hooked up to an apollo (using ua midi control). i suppose i could run a third instance of the playback session and receive midi cc from the session running on the vocal processing rig, but i’d prefer to not have a daw open on that computer and just send the midi control from a playback machine.

if the three laptops and the playaudio12 (which has a rtp midi port) are all connected to a network switch, can a laptop natively interpret the received midi, or do i need something like a midi4+?

figured this out for anyone in the future wondering! if want to control another laptop, you can set up rtp midi natively on a mac as long as the systems are on the same network, then you can midi map cc values in ableton to send between multiple sessions - something like ccmap8 or ccmapper lets you automate the parameters on the timeline. throw the m4l device in a midi effect rack so you can rename the automation lanes.

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Hey @jared,

Please excuse my late reply on this one, I’m glad you found a solution!