Place Locators 2.0 (Quick-play & other)

I don’t know if this is possible, but it would be good to have an option to place quick play locators (>), and maybe even jump-to locators automatically.

Unfortunately, Live doesn’t allow plugins to change the name of locators, so AbleSet can’t place > or >> locators directly.

However, if you prepend >> to the name of a section clip, AbleSet will see it as a quick play section even if the locator’s name at that section is just a default number.

Would that work for your use case?

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Oh I didn’t know that. So, I could then batch edit sections and prepend >>, then auto add locators and that would be it right?
Will try!

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Exactly, that should work :slight_smile:

Is there a way to prepend “>>” to multiple MIDI clips at once while preserving the remaining text (which is different in each clip)?
I found some max for Live devices on the web, but none of them perform as expected.

I don’t know of any automated way, but using shortcuts, you should be able to make these changes fairly quickly:

I’m using the following keys:

  • ⌘+R to rename a clip
  • and then >> to add the prefix
  • ⌥+→ and to move into the next clip
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Cool! I’ll try to create an automation that repeats this steps :sweat_smile:

Using something like Vicreo listener with companion, you could setup a button to run all of those commands for you with one button press. I add measure markers to each of my song sections and if it is a song that we have done before I start doing that, I have a custom variable set at 1 then I set it to the measure number I need and click on the first section, then press the button and it does;

     Cmd+R, Right Arrow, Space, “-“, Space, “m.”, <number of custom variable>, TAB (to jump to next section). Then just rinse and repeat. 

So all of those steps are condensed down to a single button press. For it to work you have to put between a 50ms and 200ms delay between each action but it works like a charm and saves a lot of time.