Option to Recognize Clyphx Pro markers

It would be nice to be able to include ClyphX commands in the arrangement markers that execute their actions, but are also still recognized as section markers. I know the default behavior is for AbleSet to ignore the ClyphX language, but I’ve encountered a couple of scenarios where it would be nice to have both.

Do you have some examples for what a section marker with ClyphX commands might look like?

Primarily a BPM marker, such as

[] bpm 118

This would allow last minute changes to song tempo in a set without having to have a tempo track or a leader clip.

This way, the bpm could be hardcoded in to the song marker or the first section.

How would you add the song/section name into the same marker name? Does ClyphX have some kind of syntax to add arbitrary text that it will ignore?

Yeah, I don’t think it does, as far as I know. This is something I’ll have to think more on. I don’t like using leader tracks to set tempo in the Arrangement view because there is no easy way to adjust tempo if we decide to do a song a bit faster or slower than the original.

You should be able to fairly easily change the tempo of your songs using tempo leader clips. It should work like this:

This also has the advantage that AbleSet will be able to properly calculate the duration of your songs as it knows the tempo automation of the entire project.

I hope this helps!

I never once thought of using a dummy audio clip to set tempos. I was using my click track to be the leader, but it had the disadvantage of fouling up the timing if I tried to change the BPM at the warped clip level. If I use silence without warp markers and set that as the leader (as I think you have shown here), it works brilliantly. Thanks @leolabs !

I’m glad I could help! Shall I mark this feature request as closed?

For sure. That will work great for me moving forward.