Online Activation / Deactivation

I just wanted to ask if it were possible to add the ability to deactivate / active a computer online without having access to the physical machine.

Here’s the scenario: I have 3 computers (my studio Mac mini and my 2 Mac minis in my playback rig), I usually program all the stuff on my studio machine, which is activated, now if I forget to deactivate it before going to a gig and using my 2 playback machines, I can’t deactivate my studio machine online, if I’m not mistaken. That would be a nice feature to have. Also the other way around, if I forgot to deactivate one of my live machines and come back to the studio (having the live rig maybe on the equipment truck or stored with my touring rig) there’s no way I can activate my studio machine.

The point is, I don’t use the 3 machines running at the same time, so do I really need to buy another license?

The online activation / deactivation feature would be a huge plus here (I can do that for pro tools and Sibelius if needed).

I’d really love to hear your thoughts about this.

Hey @Nico_Schliemann, welcome to the forum!

I had thought of offering a way to deactivate machines online as well but decided against it in the end as it would be fairly easy to abuse this mechanism.

AbleSet doesn’t require activated computers to be connected to the internet, so it has no way of knowing that the license has been deactivated. This, in theory, would allow customers to activate the same license on two computers, take them offline, deactivate them in their account, and repeat the same process for other computers.

I think that Pro Tools and Sibelius require an internet connection every once in a while to mitigate this problem, but that wouldn’t be a practical requirement for AbleSet which is often used on computers that are offline for an entire tour.

I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you have any further feedback regarding this topic :slight_smile:

Hey @leolabs

I’ve had my computer repaired and they’ve installed a new logic board rendering me unable to deactivate the license I was using. What are my options for removing the computer?

Hey @acb_bathily, welcome to the forum!

Could you DM or email me the last part of your license and the name of the computer you’d like me to deactivate your license on?