One-off jump mode change

Hi @leolabs & All,
Question from my side as I can’t figure this out.
I’ve set up so that a default jump mode is End of Section.
However, as I’m leading worship, things get more spontaneous sometimes.
And in some cases I need to end the section earlier than full one.
Is there any way to do one-off overwrite of the jump mode so I jump Quantized, rather than waiting for end of section?

Is there a way to midi-program this?

Hey @Lukasz,

You can do this by using a Custom OSC MIDI mapping. In this example here, the first two MIDI commands are used to switch between the quantized and the end-of-section jump mode:

The 3rd mapping sets the jump mode to quantized and then jumps to the next section, while the 4th mapping does the same but jumps to the previous section instead.

You can read more about available OSC commands here: Controlling AbleSet via OSC – AbleSet

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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