Offline Editor

I would love to have an option to open Setlist files on any browser to edit them without running Ableset and Ableton, so i can share them and other Bandmembers can edit them as well.

I’ve pondered this same idea for my own workflow. The main problem is not with Ableset but how the information is stored. There’s a lot of data in the .json setlist file that keeps track of the song and it’s sections. You could certainly edit this file (I’ve done it) but it’s an ugly process with a simple text editor.

How would it be to allow users to import a simple text document with the song names ordered in a multiline format? When imported, Ableset would match the song names and order the setlist accordingly. Duplicate or misspelled names would require users to confirm the correct song. Thoughts?

Adding support for importing simple text files would be the easiest solution I think. I can make the matching fairly loose so you don’t have to write song names 100% as they appear in your project file.

Offering an offline editor for the setlist would require that setlist files contain a list of all available songs. Currently, they only contain information about songs that are part of the stored setlist.