Occasionally stuck showing the pulsing circles when starting/stopping

hard to pinpoint but every now and then we will get the pulsing circles that won’t go away in the play/pause and stop buttons on ableset after attempting to trigger or stop a song

Happened a time or two on our iPad 10th generation connected via ethernet and a switch (MD triggers the songs on stage) and sometimes even on the host computer in playback world.

Usually a simple refresh fixes it but curious as to what might cause it in the first place. Been lucky so far it only happened during soundchecks but could be bad during an actual show.

MacOS Ventura 13.3
Ableset 2.4.2
Ableton 11.3.10

Hey @professoroak, please excuse my late response!

That sounds like a serious issue. If it happens again, could you create a log package and send it to support@ableset.app along with the time it happened? You can create a log package by clicking on “Create Log Package” in AbleSet’s settings menu.

I’ll take a closer look at it then to see if I notice anything unusual.

I’m looking forward to your reply and hope we can get to the bottom of this soon!

I have also experienced this. I’ll try to create a log package next time.

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Yes. I’ve had this issue intermittently as well. Not just for one show but different shows with different setups.

The latest version, AbleSet 2.5.2, uses a new method of sending commands from the browser to the app which should be more stable than before. Please let me know if this feels more stable to you as well :slight_smile: