Next and Previous Song Section not jumping to right spot

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I have autoloop to next section set.
Issue: I have section midi clips on a midi track. When I “stop” or “pause” playback and then hit “next section” or “previous section”, it jumps to the wrong place in playback when I start play again. Also, the loop section is not set to the right corresponding section. The “activesectionname” is set correctly because I am displaying that on my streamdeck, but the playback is at the wrong place. Next and previous song works good, just next and previous sections are not working.

Windows 11
Ableset version: 2.3.12
Ableton Live version: 11.2.7

Hey @HoosierFarmBoy,

That’s strange! I just tried to reproduce this on my end but wasn’t able to get the same behavior. Could you send me a log package so I can take a closer look at this? If you like, you can also send me a video of the behavior you’re seeing – that often helps with troubleshooting.

I’m looking forward to your reply!

This is not a big issue for me. It may be something specific to my set-up. It may not be something that is affecting anybody else.


Hey @HoosierFarmBoy,

Sorry for my late reply! I think this is caused by the count-in feature. If you have this enabled and jump to a section, AbleSet will place the start marker a few bars before the section starts to count it in.

You can turn the count-in off in AbleSet’s settings if you don’t want this behavior.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for the clarification.

Yes, that works. Hope I am not bugging you too much with my feedback.


Not at all, I’m always happy to help :blush: